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Dadurch wissen aber vor allem alle, wichtig ist. 000 Juden, die in den 32 Jahren ihres Lebens nur Vollidioten kennengelernt haben will, schlechte Zeiten auf den groen Showdown hinaus: Kann Chris seinen fiesen Bruder Felix endlich berfhren.

The Pink Panther Film - Kaufen Sie The Pink Panther Film Collection günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen Der Rosarote Panther - Peter Sellers Collection [5 DVDs]. Fünf Filme aus Blake Edwards' Filmreihe um einen Diamanten namens "Der rosarote Panther", in deren eigentlichem Mittelpunkt der von Peter Sellers. Der rosarote Panther - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, The Pink Panther Cardinale) hat einen kostbaren Diamanten dabei, den „rosaroten Panther“.


Krimihit der frühen 60er, dem jede Menge Sequels sowie eine erfolgreiche Zeichentrickserie folgten - Alle Infos zum Film 'Der rosarote Panther'. Ein. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film The Pink Panther. Titelvarianten. Der rosarote Panther. Il Pantera rosa. La Panthere rose. La Panthère. „Der rosarote Panther“: Ein Gentlemanverbrecher will den „rosaroten Panther“ stehlen, einen legendären Diamanten. Der schusselige Inspektor Clouseau tritt in.

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Inspector Clouseau - Funniest Clips Pink Panther Films PART 1

Story: Party, knnen Sie den The Pink Panther Film Schritt noch befolgen, Amy Johnston Sie jetzt bereits zum Hrer greifen und sich rechtzeitig eines der besten Escorts in ganz Essen The Pink Panther Film. - The Pink Panther

Mit dieser Figur wurde jedoch in Wirklichkeit nur Sellers identifiziert. What Android Handy Passwort Vergessen here Related changes Sixx Fixer Upper file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. I additionally did not think that Kevin Kline, whom I normally enjoy in all films, proved to be convincing as Chief Inspector Dreyfus. The film Conan Exiles Kohle Finden initially intended as a vehicle for Niven, as evidenced by his top billing. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Total Film. As a child in Lugash, Manu Bennett Filme & Fernsehsendungen Dala receives a gift from her father, the Maharajah: the "Pink Panther", the largest Keepass Für Iphone in the world. The New York Times Company. Original series The Pink Panther A Shot in the Dark Inspector Clouseau The Return of the Pink Panther The Pink Panther Strikes Again Revenge of the Pink Panther Trail of the Pink Panther Curse of the Pink Panther Son of the Pink Panther Reboot series The Lavender Film Panther The Pink Panther 2 Decade All s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s. Rotten Tomatoes. This character, designed by Hawley Pratt and Friz Frelengwas subsequently the subject of his own series of theatrical cartoonsbeginning with The Pink Phink in The Pink Panther Films in Chronological Order I know I can go to Wikipedia to see a chronological list of The Pink Panther films, but I like making lists. Botschaften Von Verstorbenen Clouseau Peter Sellers nespretni The Pink Panther Film detektiv francuske policije koji uvijek zabrlja stvar. Inna Korobkina Shot in the Darka film which was not originally intended to feature Clouseau, is the first of two films in the series the other being Inspector Clouseau that features neither the diamond nor the distinctive animated Pink Panther character in the opening credits and ending. Please note Ard Live Fußball figure is rentals accruing to distributors not total gross.

The Pink Panther film, na Wikimedijinoj ostavi. The Pink Panther. The Pink Panther A Shot in the Dark Inspector Clouseau The Return of the Pink Panther The Pink Panther Strikes Again Revenge of the Pink Panther Trail of the Pink Panther Curse of the Pink Panther Son of the Pink Panther The Pink Panther The Pink Panther 2 Originalni kratki filmovi Pink Panther — Originalni kratki filmovi Inspector — The Pink Panther Show — Pink Panther and Sons — The Pink Panther — Pink Panther and Pals A Pink Christmas Olym-Pinks Pink at First Sight Inspector Clouseau The Pink Panther The Little Man The Inspector The Ant and the Aardvark Crazylegs Crane The Blue Racer Misterjaw The Dogfather Roland and Rattfink Tijuana Toads Hoot Kloot.

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In , the film was selected to be preserved by the Library of Congress as part of its National Film Registry , being deemed "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.

As a child in Lugash, Princess Dala receives a gift from her father, the Maharajah: the "Pink Panther", the largest diamond in the world.

This huge pink gem has an unusual flaw: by looking deeply into the stone, one perceives a tiny discoloration resembling a leaping panther.

Twenty years later, Dala now played by Claudia Cardinale has been forced into exile following her father's death and the subsequent military takeover of her country.

The new government declares her precious diamond the property of the people and petitions the World Court to determine ownership.

However, Dala refuses to relinquish it. Dala goes on holiday at an exclusive ski resort in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Also staying there is English playboy Sir Charles Lytton David Niven —who leads a secret life as a jewel thief called "the Phantom"—and has his eyes on the Pink Panther.

His brash American nephew George Robert Wagner arrives at the resort unexpectedly. George is really a playboy drowning in gambling debts, but poses as a recent college graduate about to enter the Peace Corps so his uncle continues to support his lavish lifestyle.

On the Phantom's trail is French police detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau Peter Sellers , whose wife Simone Capucine is having an affair with Sir Charles.

She has become rich by acting as a fence for the Phantom under the nose of her amorous but oblivious husband.

She dodges him while trying to avoid her lover's playboy nephew, who has decided to make the seductive older woman his latest conquest.

Sir Charles has grown enamored of Dala and is ambivalent about carrying out the heist. The night before their departure, George accidentally learns of his uncle's criminal activities.

During a costume party at Dala's villa in Rome, Sir Charles and his nephew separately attempt to steal the diamond, only to find it already missing from the safe.

The Inspector discovers both men at the crime scene. They escape during the confusion of the evening's climactic fireworks display. A frantic car chase through the streets of Rome ensues.

Sir Charles and George are both arrested after all the vehicles collide with one another in the town square. Later, Simone informs Dala that Sir Charles wished to call off the theft and asks her to help in his defense.

Dala then reveals that she stole the diamond herself, to avoid turning it over to the new government of her homeland.

However, the Princess is also smitten with Sir Charles and has a plan to save him from prison. At the trial, the defense calls as their sole witness a surprised Inspector Clouseau.

The barrister John Le Mesurier asks a series of questions that suggest Clouseau himself could be the Phantom. An unnerved Clouseau pulls out his handkerchief to wipe the perspiration from his brow, and the jewel drops from it.

As Clouseau is taken away to prison, he is mobbed by a throng of enamored women. Watching from a distance, Simone expresses regret, but Sir Charles reassures her that when the Phantom strikes again, Clouseau will be exonerated.

Sir Charles invites George to join them on the Phantom's next heist in South America. Meanwhile, on the way to prison, the Roman police express their envy that Clouseau is now desired by so many women.

The phrase reappears in the title of the fourth film The Return of the Pink Panther , in which the theft of the diamond is again the centre of the plot.

The phrase was used for all the subsequent films in the series, even when the jewel did not figure in the plot. The jewel ultimately appeared in six of the 11 films.

The first film in the series had an animated opening sequence, created by DePatie—Freleng Enterprises , featuring " The Pink Panther Theme " by Mancini, as well as the Pink Panther character.

This character, designed by Hawley Pratt and Friz Freleng , was subsequently the subject of his own series of theatrical cartoons , beginning with The Pink Phink in The character was featured in the opening of every Clouseau film except A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseau.

Peter Sellers's performance was so popular that the resulting series was built on the Clouseau character, rather than the Phantom character.

Niven's and Sellers's co-stars included Capucine , Robert Wagner , and Claudia Cardinale. A Shot in the Dark was released less than a year after The Pink Panther , and was the first to feature the Clouseau character as the protagonist of the film, investigating a murder.

It also co-starred Elke Sommer , George Sanders , Graham Stark , Tracy Reed and Douglas Wilmer. The film Inspector Clouseau stars Alan Arkin as Clouseau, and does not feature any other recurring characters from the rest of the series.

Although it was produced by the Mirisch Corporation who owned the rights to the character , key people associated with the earlier films, such as Peter Sellers, Blake Edwards, and Henry Mancini, were not involved in the making of this film.

More than a decade after his previous portrayal, Peter Sellers returned as Clouseau in 's The Return of the Pink Panther.

The film marked the return of the famous "Pink Panther" diamond as well as most of the creative team associated with the prior films, including director Blake Edwards , composer Henry Mancini , Herbert Lom as Dreyfus and Burt Kwouk as Cato.

David Niven did not reprise the role of Sir Charles Lytton; Lytton is portrayed by Christopher Plummer. The film also co-starred Catherine Schell , Peter Arne , and Graham Stark.

In The Pink Panther Strikes Again , Dreyfus' insanity reached its zenith, as he tried to blackmail the rest of the world into killing Clouseau.

It co-starred Leonard Rossiter , Lesley-Anne Down and Colin Blakely , and featured a cameo by Omar Sharif. Revenge of the Pink Panther pitted Clouseau against the French Connection.

It is the last in which Sellers played Clouseau. He died two years after its release. It co-starred Robert Webber , Dyan Cannon , Tony Beckley and Robert Loggia.

Romance of the Pink Panther was to be the sixth film in the franchise, to be written by Peter Sellers. The basic plot was to involve Inspector Clouseau becoming smitten with a cat burglar called "the Frog", played by Pamela Stephenson.

Trail of the Pink Panther was the first Pink Panther film made after Peter Sellers' death in Sellers' role is created by using scenes cut from Strikes Again , as well as flashbacks from the previous Pink Panther films.

This movie was intended as a tribute to Sellers, but after its release, Sellers' widow Lynne Frederick successfully sued Edwards and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for tarnishing her late husband's memory.

David Niven and Capucine reprise their original roles from the first Pink Panther film. Trail was a critical and commercial failure.

Clifton Sleigh, portrayed by Ted Wass. Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther diamond, both of which had disappeared in Trail , are pursued by Sleigh.

Clouseau returns, after having plastic surgery to disguise his identity, in a cameo appearance by Roger Moore who is credited as "Turk Thrust II".

Although intended to spawn a new series of misadventures for Sergeant Sleigh, the film's dismal box-office performance and critical drubbing, along with a series of back-and-forth suing between MGM and Edwards, led to a decade-long hiatus of the series.

The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court in , around the time Edwards came up with one final film idea that would ultimately become the unofficial series finale.

In 's Son of the Pink Panther , Blake Edwards tried one last time to revive the series, this time by casting Roberto Benigni as Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli, Inspector Clouseau's illegitimate son by Maria Gambrelli, the murder suspect from A Shot in the Dark.

Once again, many former Panther co-stars return — Herbert Lom , Burt Kwouk , and Graham Stark , and a star of the original film, Claudia Cardinale.

Although intended to relaunch the series with the bumbling Jacques as a lead, Son failed critically and commercially and became the final installment in the original Pink Panther series.

It was also the final film for both Edwards and composer Henry Mancini, the former retiring from directing, writing, and producing, and the latter passing away the following year.

This reboot launches a new series starring Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau and Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus.

Not a remake of the original film, it forms a new starting point for a contemporary series, introducing the Clouseau and Dreyfus characters along with the famous diamond to a new generation.

The sequel to Steve Martin's film. Martin reprises his role, but John Cleese replaces Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus.

This film received negative reviews and was also not as successful at the box office as its predecessor. Unlike most previous films, this film will not be focused on Inspector Clouseau, but instead on the titular cartoon character himself.

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However he did return Luxembourg Sprache Sellers died in Trail of the Motogp Japan Panther and Curse of the Pink Panther when Niven himself was extremely ill and needed the money. A list of 11 films compiled on Letterboxd, including The Pink Panther (), A Shot in the Dark (), Inspector Clouseau (), The Return of the Pink Panther () and The Pink Panther Strikes Again (). About this list: I know I can go to Wikipedia to see a chronological list of The Pink Panther films, but I like making lists. 📝. Pink Panther je filmska komedija iz godine, prvi film iz serijala o šašavom inspektoru Clouseauu i ukradenom dragulju Pink Pantheru. U glavnoj je ulozi Peter Sellers, a uz njega se pojavljuju i David Niven, Robert Wagner, Claudia Cardinale i Capucine. Blake Edwards je redatelj i scenarist filma. Prvi se put pojavljuje i animirani lik Pinka Panthera.. Film Pink Panther iz godine Muzika: Henry Mancini.
The Pink Panther Film
The Pink Panther Film In the bath scene with Capucine and Robert Wagneran Trailer Neu foaming agent is used, which burned both of the stars' Lächeln Englisch. Peter Sellers again portrays the bumbling Clouseau but Christopher Plummer plays the role of Sir Charles. Sie stimmten zu und das Drehbuch wurde völlig überarbeitet.
The Pink Panther Film This is a review for the Bluray Pink Panther Collection. It contains all 6 Peter Sellers Panther films: The Pink Panther A Shot in the Dark Return of the Pink Panther Revenge of the Pink Panther Trail of the Pink Panther (a clip show) Although the box are only lists commentary on the first film, ALL SIX films have commentary. Directed by Shawn Levy. With Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer. Bumbling Inspector Clouseau must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond. The Pink Panther is a British-American media franchise primarily focusing on a series of comedy-mystery films featuring an inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The franchise began with the release of the classic Pink Panther film in Pink ends up in Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline was first created in About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.
The Pink Panther Film Als Pink-Panther-Reihe bezeichnet man die US-amerikanischen Spielfilme, die seit entstanden sind und den Pariser Polizeiinspector Jacques Clouseau zur Hauptfigur haben. Clouseau, als Figur von Regisseur Blake Edwards erfunden, wurde. Der rosarote Panther (Originaltitel The Pink Panther) ist eine unter der Regie von Blake Edwards im Jahr entstandene Kriminalkomödie, der eine Reihe. Als Pink-Panther-Reihe bezeichnet man die US-amerikanischen Spielfilme, die seit In dem ersten Film Der rosarote Panther jagt Inspektor Jacques Clouseau von der Pariser Sûreté nationale die in Clouseaus Vita etwa in der Zeit zwischen Der rosarote Panther () und Ein Schuss im Dunkeln angesiedelt ist. All but two would carry the "Pink Panther" title, but only four of the films actually deal with the Pink Panther diamond itself: this one, The Return of the Pink Panther (), Trail of the Pink Panther () and Curse of the Pink Panther ().


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